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iProof ONE Identity Engine

The Identity Engine is the heart of iProof’s “Internet of Things” platform. This engine powers each of the unique digital identities used to connect everyday things to the web.

It was built on a proprietary, hybrid database system that makes it very flexible to meet the needs of any customer, very quickly, without having to modify its design for each solution.

Using a wide array of technologies, including RFID, NFC, QR Codes and barcodes, iProof customers don’t have to worry about how an item is identified or connected to digitally, and easily, interact with it.

Every item is located by using the GPS coordinates of the mobile device with which it’s interacting. This geo-awareness creates an amazing array of opportunities that allows the item to customize a consumer’s experience based on location.

This could include marketing campaigns customized for New York City, tracking counterfeit items in black markets and data mining for new sales opportunities.  

The Identity Engine runs on one of the United States’ largest cloud networks and can easily scale as requirements demand. Because of this cloud capacity, iProof allows unlimited storage, or any type of data, including textual information, images and files, geo-location and item relationships.

 This makes each unique identity a storage center for any necessary information, accessible by any application.

RESTful Web Service APIs

Employing a set of standards-based RESTful Web service APIs, iProof’s Identity Engine allows for the quick creation and management of millions, or billions if so required, of unique digital identities for the real world items it brings to life.

This open API standard also makes the iProof Identity Engine compatible with a wide array of ERP and ERM systems, E-Commerce, and most social networks. This essentially links every unique identity to any type of system used by the item’s manufacturer, distributor, retailer or consumer.

Application development is also facilitated, making the iProof Identity Engine a simple platform on which to build custom web interfaces, mobile device applications or complex backend systems.

iProof’s Identity Engine API also has a plugin  for WordPress, one of the largest CMS’s (Content Management Systems), serving 53.8% of all CMS’s worldwide. This powers many of the marketing and mobile web interfaces used by iProof, and serves as an efficient platform on which to deliver innovative solutions, with minimal development expense. 

Sticqr - Not your average scanner app

iProof’s mobile application is capable of taking every unique iProof ID, public UPCs or barcodes, and interacting with those codes in ways never done before. SticQR can create social networks on the fly, allowing marketers to digitally advertise “on” products they sell and consumers to digitally own the items they buy.

SticQR also adds another layer of protection for iProof’s mobile-based authentication and brand protection system. Sticqr is a perfect example of how the iProof Identity Engine can power unique and mobile applications to interact with the Internet of Things.