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Who We Are

Integrated Proof Systems Inc. (iProof), a Florida-based cloud computing company, has spent the past five years building cutting-edge technology that creates meaningful digital interactions between people and common consumer products without the use of sensors.
More importantly, iProof’s proprietary interactive software enables simple m-Commerce transactions while providing valuable anti-counterfeiting and diversion tracking for little or no investment to customers.
Tracking through the entire supply chain is accomplished by individualizing alphanumeric QR codes or NFC tags on every unit of any product line. Individualizing items would’ve never been feasible before high-speed digital printing presses, which can now uniquely print each unit at roughly the same cost and speed as traditional offset printing.

The big question, for the uninitiated, is how does iProof take a simple product or device, without the use of sensors or transmitters, and connect those products to consumers and brand managers?

The answer is the very same smart phone that sits in the palm of our hands. By using any smart phone scanning application to scan unique UPC codes, QR Codes or NFC (Near Field Communication) tags strategically placed on products and/or their packaging, the scan can make a call to the Internet and retrieve any information a manufacturer would like to display.

Jim Woodman


Jim Woodman is a visionary entrepreneur who brings over 30 years experience in sports management, magazine publishing, Internet software applications and human genetics.

Robert Gutierrez

Founder, President

A serial entrepreneur, R. J. Gutierrez has been a technology pioneer since 1979 when he started consulting to Fortune 500 companies for solving computer based management problems.

Robert Barrueco

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Barrueco is a unique individual that combines the technical prowess of a computer geek with formal business training and a marketing artistry that made him the perfect fit for an innovative and evolving company like iProof.

Erik Harvey

Vice President of Operations

Erik Harvey is a driven detail oriented Operations specialist who brings nearly 2 decades of experience from diverse areas including Academia, Telecommunications, Logistics and Luxury Winery Operations.

Pieter Noordam,

Vice President of Industrial Solutions

Pieter Noordam brings over 20 years experience in engineering, management and marketing with significant expertise in systems development, software, general management and other fields such as digital video and RFID.